open now


surrounding silence,

is the peace

we all hope to harness.

bridal and reigns –

grab it

if and when

you can.

seal it in sterile water.

pasteurized for the keeping.

able to be opened –

a break of air,

a loosen of the tight fit,

and a breath in, …

the calm scent

of that bottled serenity,

felt once,

may be felt again.



to surrender

does not turn our hands over

in still motion

allowing the cold water to spill

until wrinkled skin

envelopes the supple –

giving up –

surrender is the cupping

curving up of hands

collecting flowing water

in acceptance

that not all will be gathered

not all will stop in course

the stream will pour over

wet running from fingers

toward bony wrist

with understanding and gratitude

that some will pool

and we will have enough

to end our thirst

Robert Johnson blues

in the old blues song

you come to the crossroads

and if you desire

a deal with the devil

can be strummed

I walked my path

alone and distraught

and at that crossroads

where Mara sat


hoping to play her tune

on my guitar

I didn’t sing her song

I didn’t deliver a deal


I didn’t pass her by

I gave her my hand

and helped her up the road

sat her down in high grass

with a picnic box

and a set of spoons

fingers crossed

next one at the spot

where the dirt roads cross

will keep on walking

when no one ever shows

words matter

lay here in my arms

in the softness of safety

where the world

of liars and cheats

fade into black

and it’s just 

you and me

two honest souls

trying to make 

a better world

one of acceptance

one without stares

one of kindness

one who cares

where people think

before each word said

or written to read

by hungry eyes

for words stick

in the folds of the brain

I choose to place

positive, uplifting thoughts

in others’ mindful spots

brightening their darkness

and the shadows 

that are sure to come