sweet sorrow

slipping steadily down the slide

sorrow waits for me at the bottom

welcoming her into my fold

I know there is no other way

she comes 

we play 

chase among the wood chips,

hanging on the monkey bars,

riding on the see-saw,

swinging side by side

until it’s time for her to go

but one thing I know

she always returns 

and I can’t out run her

so instead

I ask her to play


downcast eyes

shadows under branches

on a sunlit sundry day

shading my sullen self

blow that gentle breeze

across my tired feet

whisk away my footprints

for no one else to see

I wish to fade into the dusk

for no one left to find

I wish to fall asleep now

wake in morning time


she lost herself under covers

didn’t want to come out

it was too cold out there

wet from pouring rain

creating floods of dirty water

not even rain boots could wade

blanket wrapped between thighs,

around back, under chin

cinched tight

just like mother used to do

she tugged it above her nose

just eyes peeked out

all day

she stayed like that

losing her spark in cotton sheets

until nothing left

empty bed

flat sheet flat

hospital corners tucked tight

not a lump or bump of her

left under the duvet


and then the rain stopped.