things to match things

things to add on to things

things to clean things

things to replace old things

things to hold our things

things to record things

things to show we have many things

things to keep track of all our things


I get so tired of things

cluttering up our lives

cluttering up our hearts

when in nature

there are no things

just life







without things

magic in warm wonders

magic in warm wonders

raying down on us

great star we circle

can create


jewels on our eyelashes

shimmering sparkle as we stare

face tilted skyward toward Her shine


cast our skin in melted wax

allowing heat to permeate

in it’s liquified melding mold


whispers to the sleeping birds

to wake in song as She rises

pinks and oranges on Her fingers

painting the horizon in a wash of


magic in warm wonders

we are the trees

walk amongst the joys 

fallen from their trees 

to pad the path of promise 

drifting to the earth and draw 

goodness from branches granting goodwill 

returning back to soil’s roots 

we are the trees along the trail 

what falls from us is 

what nourishes us 

I want to feed on love 

so I open my heart 

letting love be the leaves of my tree

we rise

day breaks 

and from the sleep 

we rise 

born again into the world 

a world welcoming us 

as rays of sunshine 

wrapping us tight 

whispers of wind in our ears 

reminding us where we came 

from the earth 

set deep in soil 

we rise 

growing again amongst the giants 

we may be tiny and fragile 

but we all belong here 

opening our hearts 

velvet petals pulled towards the sun 

in the soak of serenity 

carried through 

as midnight washes the sky 

and with the moon 

we rise 

our eyes in gaze to his masterful light 

and know we belong 

as shimmering stars by his side

my Rain

on those dreary days

when the weight bears down

on my wispy vapors

settling deep in the basin

of this cumulus cloud

you release me

Rain down

watering the world

making right from

all that is wrong

allowing me to empty

and once again

float freely in the sky