summer dreams haiku

swallow salty air

hot against your heavy breath

opening to sea


winter willow

grey days and cloudy skies

overshadow winter ways

with peaceful silent solitude

stripped down to bare

the essence of the peeling bark

revealing knotty holes

and burnt amputated arms

damage from man and nature

stipule scars remain in forever form

there is freedom in the falling off

the shedding of the coat

allowing the world to see her form

in all it’s deciduous form

the story

when the world told its story

I was too busy listening

mocking birds with time to kill

wolves wrapped in woolen shaws

spinsters spinning away false words

I turned my back to Her

cast my eyes in right angle

faced away from Her truth


ticking hands deliver time

where I could no longer deny

Her soft mounds of earthen trail,

light illuminating from Her open heart,

and the verdant hope She hung on branches

I fell to Her muddy ground

and She picked me up

as quick as the tumble

not even needing

to dust my knees


twists and turns

of roadway behind.

now a straightaway.

clear skies

on a horizon

of late day sun.

I see

I’m heading into sunset.

driving on plains

that skyline surrounds you,

as if centered

on Earth’s midsection,

right in her belly.

there may come a T

or a Y

or a fork

in the road,

but I’m still heading

where the sun sleeps.

see you there.