morning elixir

morning leaves

filled with

morning moisture

calling card

from Mother

to start our new day

in fresh water

tilting buttercups

in swallow of

sweet dew drops

from maize colored petals

and glistening gold

upside down umbrellas

catching Moon’s midnight

rain in indigo

in her creamy fingers

for us to drink Her in

winter sun

as the sun sits long

in the heat of summer sky

there is a loss,

a no longer wanting to try


warmth and heat

expected throughout the day

we stop noticing

her golden shining rays


it isn’t until winter

walks right into our life

with his bone chill,

a cold cutting like a knife


we search for her then

seeking out her heat

in our winters we realize

just who we need


follow her

follow her 

across the fields of sweet peas 

scattered in pinks and reds 

among the meadow of green

she hides away 

along the winding roads of Los Osos 

the wild poppy forest 

where you can remember 

days of running barefoot in cool grass 

decorating brunette braids 

with the wildflowers of youth 

and the clouds kissed each other 

before it rained 

follow her 

before it’s too late


things to match things

things to add on to things

things to clean things

things to replace old things

things to hold our things

things to record things

things to show we have many things

things to keep track of all our things


I get so tired of things

cluttering up our lives

cluttering up our hearts

when in nature

there are no things

just life







without things