life’s terrain

where content ends and

stoic begins – I have found

flat plains lay yonder


sweet dreams

In night’s peaceful veil,

in the ebony slumber,

I rarely remember my dreams.

I usually wake clear and clean,

wiped fresh of midnight’s adventures.


I awoke today,

replaying the memories

of the stories told into my pillow.

They were average.

Mundane, for all intensive purposes.

A commoner’s reverie

reflecting my daily life.

And I realized this was why.

Why, my memory does not hold firm

in strong grasp of my nightly musings.

I live my dreams in every day.

In each breath I take.

In every tear I cry.

In the laughter shared.

You are my constant.

Steady into the day

and through the night

and you have always

made my dreams come true.