mine is love

mine is yours

yours is ours

ours is all

all is love



if kisses were dreams

you have kissed

every inch of me

slowly and surely

not missing a single space

every place warmed

by the soft of your lips

trailing over my skin

until there is no new ground

nothing as unfamiliar territory

making each crazy crafted dream

I have ever dreamed

a well-loved embraced reality  


rub your eyes, darling

let the light in slow

like a faded memory

in gradual return

let it cover you 

and comfort you

warming you

from inside out

remembering our love

poured down your back

the heat of me covering you

clutching you in my palms

wrapping my fingers tight

to never let go

of the light 

our love illuminates

now blinding you 

from out of the dark