finding god

I climbed atop a mountain

found tree tops

don’t look much different

from those resting 

close to the earth

some say, “closer to heaven, closer to god”

I say, “heaven on earth is god”

come closer to me

I go closer to you

finding each other

walking amongst the trees


in the dirt of the earth

finding god


storms circle

dust settles

as peace permeates the air

new wind arrives in the wake


tangled knot unwinds

and the rise of the chest

slows to the beat of the heart


be still in the water’s reflection

only when both are calm

can you see 


be still in the mind’s story

only when in silence

can you hear 


be still in the heart’s sorrow

only after your own embrace

can you love 


it is then you can walk

feet floating over rock

through the roughest storms

high off hope

can hope fill us up enough?


like helium under rib cage

levitating over sharp shards

only nicking our feet

instead of grand gashes?

gliding us like great glass walkers

who never press feet firmly

or flatten feet aptly

in pursuit of mystic magic?


I have high arches

could never get my gait steady

to do such tricks.

I need the lift off

from weightless gases

swallowed in wander and want

from promises that swirl and swill

in my underbelly of understanding.


I would much rather live my life

in bare touch of the earth –

toes tipped up

heels hovering with hope –

than dragging my feet,

shredding my soles on the

broken pieces

bound to come.