until now

I found peace. 


in the deep corners 

where the cobwebs hunt 

and the dirt gathers 

there lay a log, 

a diary of sorts. 

not a smudge of dust 

on the cover touched.

tied tight in closure 

of knots and puzzles 

unattempted in ages. 

I thought about leaving it,

heading back to where I’d been, 

but my eyelids now too small 

to completely cover my eyes.

once your eyes can see 

you can no longer claim blindness.

I reached for those pages of print

to find I already knew all the words.

they were mine. 

it had been too dark 

from behind closed eyes 

to read them. 


until now.

forever in flux

shed the excess fur 

you no longer need it 

now that the sun can warm your skin 

abandon ways of old and know 

ways of new will grow 

forever in flux 

fine hair falls from all animals come spring 

nothing remains stagnant 

all is renewed 

season by season 

day by day 

minute by minute 

meeting each other again 

or going into new horizons 

with grace 

we change

the forestĀ 

Great Grandfather lean down to me 

place your thin branches 

around my little frame 

cage me close and keep me safe 

in this big unknown 

cover me in foliage to guard 

protector of my heart 

from the predators at large 


not for the hand to hold 

but to claw the thin skin 

to bleed me out 

your mighty limbs will 

criss-cross my heart 

and I hope to die 

in the dirt where your roots lie 

great beginnings I wish to grow 

my own boughs of shelter 

for another 

to live in the world of love


and what of grace?


pain in the folds of paper

origami boats creased

precisely and firmly pleated

pain we were caused

pain we caused

folds over folds over folds

pain over pain over pain

building in artistic intricacy

all the layers of pain

causing more pain

until you are finally ready

sailboat of parchment complete

you head to the rolling river

standing on the bank

acknowledge each creased cringed grief

ready now

to say goodbye

set her sailing

releasing your once folded soul

to open in loose ease of relax

and float in the freeing

as the river of grace

allows the rest to

float away

magic in warm wonders

magic in warm wonders

raying down on us

great star we circle

can create


jewels on our eyelashes

shimmering sparkle as we stare

face tilted skyward toward Her shine


cast our skin in melted wax

allowing heat to permeate

in it’s liquified melding mold


whispers to the sleeping birds

to wake in song as She rises

pinks and oranges on Her fingers

painting the horizon in a wash of


magic in warm wonders

fresh and new

never in guarantee 

another day for me

one more sunset

or dawn to see 


the same for you

is very true

enjoy the now

and all you do 


each now is new

whether gold or blue

a special moment

just for you 


it’s time to be

in the now for me

the only way

I’m truly free 


so you can choose

to be now too

let go of old

now is fresh and new