when the road is too steep

filled with rocks ankle deep

when the climb is too high

and even your lips have run dry

when the hour is nearing past

and your feet are no longer fast

your heart won’t hesitate a step

it’s where your strength is kept

you’ll find all you need within

to carry your body to the end

all you need is faith, my friend




a maker of motion,

like constant rolling water,

sliding right over river stone.

gurgling and bubbling in stagnate pools

just waiting for the dam to break.

for comfort came

in the move

in the kinetics of velocity.

accumulating distance in the flow of a constant current.

but in a streamlined life

when is there time for diving?

or even to sink our toes in the basin,

digging deep in the sand

to find our jagged rocks or buried treasure?


I’m learning to sit.

still water creates glassy reflection

that’s not always easy to see.

yet, when the light hits

there is a glint and gleam of glorious luminosity.

as in the subtleness of a stir

ripples cascade outward

where in gentle waves

I wash along your shore.

walking in circles

I never should have…

I wish I could have…

uttered by the regretful

as the months become

days become

hours become

minutes become

seconds never served

and each choice


the circle we walk

toe to heel from this life

towards the next

where we can choose again

with eyes and heart open

to the whispers in the wind

She tells to us

which step to take

off of that circle

if we pause and maybe


to listen