finding mine

in my search I saw you

quite by accident

not with intention 

to uncover a part I thought was me

a seed

I believed 

I was to nurture

settled into your soul

in wait of the one – me

that sapling in spiraled solitude

I believed

wound up wanting release

was really 

not mine at all

it was yours 

and finding mine was as easy as

coming home

silver ash

silver ash floating freely

as end approaches

glitter splayed 

flying high above the moon

as Chinese lanterns

sending messages

to those loved

to those loving

to those lovers

eclipsed beyond daylight

taking cover within the glow

of tonight

before the stars swallow the dusk

and fall like charcoal from the sky

into the fire of yesterday


over the wrinkle of time

she lept in stretch with great stride

feet falling firmly in place on the other side

she bridged the edge and never had to go back again

her questions answered in that jump

her path set into cement

mixed in steel and song 

it is good fortune to those who can see

without sight of their path

the promise 

fingers crossed at Fate’s fear, yet,

there is

no more

no greater

no other

happiness is right

where you reside

cat’s cradle

woven together in the strings of each other’s hands

playing cat’s cradle, our fingers touch

entwined like the threads in our game

I can not see a beginning nor any real end

unless one of us tires of the simple motions

and cuts the twine at the center loop

fraying the edges until a form of us no longer exists

except as a single line 

laying lifeless in unravel beneath our sight

yet, even then,

I would gather our linear threadbare skein

to braid and plait, knit and tuck, knot if need be

for our join in coil and curl 

as we always have fit together perfectly

in the lace that is our life as one

earth lodge

we are powerful


steel breath blown over vocal chords.

lead fingers typing letters.

we can choose

to build or tear down.


I am a builder.


taking my mud from slingshot

to create an earth lodge.


I erect walls around

in protection and in promise

that today might feel

you are buried beneath sand,

but someone is always willing

to dig for you.

clearing away covering

carving steady ground

foundation for when you stand.

thatched until you are ready for sun

and then to build

using your own words

for someone else.