the forestĀ 

Great Grandfather lean down to me 

place your thin branches 

around my little frame 

cage me close and keep me safe 

in this big unknown 

cover me in foliage to guard 

protector of my heart 

from the predators at large 


not for the hand to hold 

but to claw the thin skin 

to bleed me out 

your mighty limbs will 

criss-cross my heart 

and I hope to die 

in the dirt where your roots lie 

great beginnings I wish to grow 

my own boughs of shelter 

for another 

to live in the world of love



things to match things

things to add on to things

things to clean things

things to replace old things

things to hold our things

things to record things

things to show we have many things

things to keep track of all our things


I get so tired of things

cluttering up our lives

cluttering up our hearts

when in nature

there are no things

just life







without things