magic in warm wonders

magic in warm wonders

raying down on us

great star we circle

can create


jewels on our eyelashes

shimmering sparkle as we stare

face tilted skyward toward Her shine


cast our skin in melted wax

allowing heat to permeate

in it’s liquified melding mold


whispers to the sleeping birds

to wake in song as She rises

pinks and oranges on Her fingers

painting the horizon in a wash of


magic in warm wonders


damaged goods

“this shouldn’t be too painful” 

barely hearing her 

I count the divots 

of the drop ceiling tiles overhead 

one, two, three, fou…


sinking deep into the flesh 

with a turn, twist, turn 

to find that perfect spot for 

pulling the plunger 

removing a piece of me 

sucking a section of my heart 

in aspiration, as well 

injecting their metal tagged marker 

straight into my chest 

embedding within my meat 

removing only possible

when I am cinders and ashes 

this shell, forever labeled 

damaged goods 

until that day