there are those that will walk ahead of you

impatient in their wait of you

eyes forward and never for your site line

hoping you catch them

but never thinking to pause and find you

let them go

walk with those who want to be beside you

you know the ones

they may skip a few steps ahead 

looking for unwanted predators 

trampling down high grasses

finding secret passages

but you are always in their journey

you are always the forethought in their footprints


fresh and new

never in guarantee 

another day for me

one more sunset

or dawn to see 


the same for you

is very true

enjoy the now

and all you do 


each now is new

whether gold or blue

a special moment

just for you 


it’s time to be

in the now for me

the only way

I’m truly free 


so you can choose

to be now too

let go of old

now is fresh and new