soul sigh

in preparing for childbirth

the only way to endure

without the stick of the needle

is learning to let go

“ride the wave”

release the tension

to lessen the pain

this was my first lesson

in clinging to attachment


make a fist

feel that?

hold it tight

for an hour

a day

a lifetime


do you think it will hurt?

as is the grasping for desires

the more

the longer

the tighter

you hold

the greater the suffering


of course, your fist

will get numb

holding in frozen form

within time’s tick

and, yes,

when you begin to release

the ache will come

muscles of your digits

will throb

in a new way to hold

the hand

the spirit

uncomfortable in the least

down right wrenching for many


as you relax

allow yourself into the ease

your fingers loosen

you hand opens

the arm rests

the shoulders drop

as will your spirit

in relinquishing attachment

your soul can finally



your intention


ask yourself

before whispered words

preceding any action

what is

your intention







your intention

is your freedom

resting Heart of happiness

just for sending good

into the universe

and knowing it will

boomerang back



I got pulled 

lassoed around the neck 

slowly dragged along 

not resisting much, 

at least at first, 

I even crawled closer 

at one point 

but then I lost control 

the crank was turning 

the rope was shortening 

and I was following 

whether I wanted to or not 

no matter how I tugged 

I was going in that direction 

so I surrendered 

palms flat 

eyes closed 

I am never in control 

making decisions 

but never deciding outcomes 

never determining