rocky raccoon

the surprise of you 

a bond quite unexpected 

at first just pity 

when you first stepped onto hot pavement 

hobbling through that first lane of traffic 

cars stopping abruptly to let you pass 

at first just pity 

compassion for your lame leg 

your striped tail hanging low 

dragging behind you with each wobbly step 

at first just pity 

as you reached the gravel side 

hopping as best you could 

into high desert grasses 

and turned your head 

at first just pity 

until dark pools of black 

behind that characteristic mask 

looked deep into my down turned eyes 

then it was not just pity 

I, too, have been hurt and alone 

not sure where I will go 

no one to care for me 

lick my fur 

stable my injured soul 

wash my food in the river 

I, too, was left far away from water 

begging for eyes to help 

only to limp into the weeds 

alone once again 

I was you little raccoon and 

you are me 

we are strong 

we are fighters

we will survive


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