some may see loyalty

as choosing a side even in blind waters


standing on a side is important

and brave

and world (big and small) changing


but only when you understand the side you’re choosing


the side you are choosing not


once I was a triad of three

there were three

we were three

but then two

became toxic

not the hurt each other angry toxic


it was never pointed deprecation


my life

caused her life

to spin in unnecessary circles

and her reactions

caused my life,

already spinning out of my hands and out of control,

to only rotate faster

so, we had to stop spinning each other



but there was one

she was stuck

in between us two

agreeing with my view

but knowing and understanding

her’s too


and she never chose

and I never wanted her to pick a side

because if the roles were reversed


I would want a friend

who won’t turn their back

when they can’t see me clearly

or don’t know all of my side


I would want a friend

who chooses kindness to all

even in confusion

and spinning circles


I would want a friend like her



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