land dwellers

you produce such beauty

and no one really knows

the real foundation of you


being buried underground

doesn’t allow many people to know you

we may feel you

pushing on the soil

and see the cracks

crumbling earth

as your creations rise

but we can’t guess

what is underneath


not everyone

is trying to pierce you

from above land

I was not trying to take my shovel

and cast it into you

in fact, most people

-myself included-

want to run their hands

in the fresh dirt

freed in the shift

and to watch the beauty

that comes forth

that which sprouts from you


but we land dwellers

do not have x-ray eyes

to view those roots

the origins of this lush landscape

it is the mystery

and mysteries

they are magical

but they are also enigmas

questions we find hard to answer

I tried to dig deeper

but I felt your resistance

soil seized up and left me

with broken nails and tired fingers


I understood

it is hard to open yourself

especially when others have

ripped you from your soil before

but not all of us

are trying to be that reaper

I understood


after peeling back some of your earth

I could tell that was not your desire

not wanting to trample new growth

under exploring feet

I walked away

In that stepping back

I saw the whole forest

I can even begin to pick out

where the roots run



to this day

I don’t truly know

their depth


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