jurisprudence runs red

you bowed down to truth 

said your ablution 10 times 

knees hit your prayer rug 

in praise of true and trust 

bringing tears to dried out eyes 

in the honest baring of your soul 

even when it seemed impossible to speak 

the words flew from your hay stuffed throat 

this virtue such part of you 

when they cut you jurisprudence bled 

all over you new cream covenant 

the one you tucked your head under 

pounding fists into egg crate mattress 

laying on your bare studio floor 

when truth of you was whispered 

no louder than the beat of the Bird of Truth’s wings 

but when your ears opened 

to hear the white bird’s song 

you learned the grace in loving yourself, 

that you are a child of love 

and even when it hurts the truth 

will not end you 

nor can it be reworked by the editors’ ink. 


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