in the clearing

I walked in fog

not quite in tune

with all my surroundings

until I reached a clearing

when the branches broke

and the mist dried

I could see

what had stirred as questions

finally answered at those spots

where the sun broke through

and my eyes were open


I confidently carried on

or turned left


at times leaving behind

those things I wished to

carry with me until my last days

people, places, things

I sacrificed and suffered

at even more loss

then I had been doled

without the hand to guide


but the clearing always shone

where the path of right led

and I choose not to walk in harm

of you or her or him

I choose to follow

into the alone

so I couldn’t hurt anyone


I made one mistake

and for that I ask for grace

of Mother’s kind heart

knowing I’m just a child

neither perfect nor righteous

but a lonely soul




looking for the clearing

so I can follow that path

into the light


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