swallowing marbles and spinning plates

trying to take down the throat

large cat eye marble

with no glass of water

is easier for me

than thinking I am a quitter

control of the strings used to be

– in days of taut skin and no rent –

why my hand gripped so tight


time and age

morphed the reason to cling

into perseverance

if I say I want to spin plates

on my clumsy spindle shaped sticks

I will continue twirling and whirling porcelain

standing amongst shards

no way to move

no shift of weight in the balance

making the rotation stoneware saucers

doubly difficult


I’m learning to have grace with myself

starting with plastic dinnerware in the practice

working towards bone china and acrobatics

if crashing and cracking can not be controlled


let it go

split those spin sticks and start a fire

down a dessert off those dormant dishes

and lick the plate clean

that’s what they were made for, anyway


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