smoke rings

the second time you rounded

a bit more covert

old co-worker, fast food cook, 

prompted to pick up my whereabouts

cold called me

out of the blue

asked how I was – “good”

asked if I was with anyone – “yes”

asked if I was happy – “very”


no mention of you

not any indicator

but I knew

I knew you knew him

you didn’t know I knew that

but I knew that

I knew you had been thinking of me

because I had just dreamed of you

three nights prior

out of the blue

cold called me 

in my midnight escapes

we hadn’t talked in years

this is how we were


I had heard your name

and you knew me

before we ever shared breathing space

you could never deny me

and I always ached for you

we were rings of smoke

floating in the exhale

missing our center

until we dissipated into the same thin air

and you mixed with me

I mixed with you

in a hazy room


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