air hockey

if the anger comes forward

shot into my brain

like an air hockey puck

gliding over everything else

and sliding in that space

to tell my brain

react, react, react

but I’ve learned to take my mallet

and stop that shot

settle that frantic movement

from sideboard to sideboard

knocking and rattling

the cage of my being

pause the movement

acknowledge that chaos

recognize the pain that took the shot

and letting go

I don’t need to keep firing discs

at myself

or firing my mouth at another

because wars will never be won

battles are rarely fought wisely

and, besides, I’m a pacifist

it is grace and love that change

seeing and learning – not all is an attack –

may change him and he may begin

looking at his own within

hugging on that pain that lurks in him

the one shooting discs all about

pinging throughout

and then he too can stop his sound

sailing pucks

and know he is more than that



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