fleck of gold

two times you came to find me

the first in innocence

only to find me broken

dumped by the truck only hours prior

unable to hold back

I sobbed all over the phone cord

mint green linking me to you

then you bolted

not knowing what to do

arrow of want I always had aimed at you

snapped in 2

and it surprised you

surprised you that it happened

surprised you that it hurt

I could tell in the retreat

you scurried off

like an animal now left roadside

unexpecting this homelessness

always a cared for pet

tended, watered, fed

only to find yourself

at the old neighbor’s farm

left to fend for yourself

it wasn’t my plan

but you turned your back

found something somewhere else

to explore


and I wasn’t keen on your timeline

I knew you were

fleck of gold

sparkling in my schlager

but you kept sinking deeper

at every gulp

until I was too drunk

to see straight


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