there tucked in your sketch book

are the only 2 photos I have

polaroids from one night

one night out of hundreds

it was Christmas

we made cookies and a honeybear bong

I made you a grinch card

wrote you a poem

you, unsure of what we meant,

too afraid to dive in,

you had broken your back once before

hit the bottom of the river and practically drown

I swam next to you, to make sure you didn’t

when we reached shore

you were too shaken, shivering, and shameful

you protecting you –  you protecting me

I waited in the sands

grit stuck to my wet legs

once the sun dried me, I dusted clean

and followed the sun

when you finally came looking

it was too late

even years later

a call in disguise

but I knew

I knew it was you

our hearts never truly left each other

even now

looking at these pictures

old polaroids faded and ink dried

I see my heart in your shoes

and wonder where we’ve walked


3 thoughts on “polaroid

    1. Sometimes it does feel as if I am tormented by the emotions encapsulating this period of my life. Thank you for reading and sharing your experience of this piece. It really means a great deal to know your art resonates with someone.

      Liked by 1 person

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