barefoot days

Daisy chains around our necks and crowns of winterberries
You, the king, and I, the pauper, in this old love story

In grasses gold and meadows old, we laughed and danced and played
You held the hand and kissed the cheek of this fair and bashful maid

I never wanted the sun to set, for our barefoot days to end
I wished you’d always hold me close and be my truest friend

Times they change and you grew up – to mow and manicure your lawn
I stayed right here, in my heart, not believing you had gone

I twirl on tiptoes, swing my skirt just like I always would
But without your eyes watching my soul, it doesn’t feel as good

I make your crown and necklace too, each and every spring
Set them out, up high in a tree, and ask the birds to sing

They remember carefree days, they felt the magic air
They sing for both me and them, their woods are now so bare

The want to fly in violet skies and smell the clover honey
To court among the flowers bloomed in whimsy days so sunny

If ever you are near and remember sunshine days
I’m still here waiting, it will always be that way


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