create my universe again

each tiny burst

from your lips

self-combusts into starlight

in your eyes

I find my planets floating

with your steady hands

they orbit us in oval

of your heart

light glows within obsidian

and our souls dance

as celestial bodies in epoch

morning elixir

morning leaves

filled with

morning moisture

calling card

from Mother

to start our new day

in fresh water

tilting buttercups

in swallow of

sweet dew drops

from maize colored petals

and glistening gold

upside down umbrellas

catching Moon’s midnight

rain in indigo

in her creamy fingers

for us to drink Her in

new universe

in the waking hour I reach for you.

fingers search for your hair,

palm feels for your heartbeat

wrapped into a warm gauzy blanket.

my hands touch cool sheets.

hide and seek. 

they drop under to the find. 

empty space and barren pillow

where your head once imprinted

the down of all my days.

I remember our life in backward momentum

until we are figments of love

ready to combust

into a new universe. 

cemetery gates

I answer the call


your voice will rattle through me.

walk into my outer skin

like a ghost haunting this house.

I knew you would penetrate,

stabbing as you do,

not in intent

but in essence.

I cannot near you.

I must leave you graveside –

last dirt tossed

on tomb stone engraved

with your name and mine.

I hope you stay bound

to this graveyard.

making a home

amongst the midnight flowers.

dancing on the soft grass.

in the fog of your heart

find peace.

but I am not of ghosts.

I am of the living

and as I leave I look back


you’re not following

back through

cemetery gates.

wildflower always

dew droplet mornings

park picnic lunches

all sit down dinners

wildflower bunches


kiss me in the evening

find my hand in the crowd

make my life with you again

buried memories lost, then found


we never lost the sight

we could see amongst the dark

we knew we needed time

we were open from the start


you found me in the hollows

you gathered up my bones

you called me one and only

you never threw sharp stones


I took your heart in mine

I laid them side by side

I married all our problems

I tossed them in the tide


follow me in morning

follow into hours

follow me in the clouds

follow wildflowers


dancing in our bare feet

to smell meadow days

sunshine on our skin

you have me for always